Pirate Code

Follow yer code!

Defend your island from blood-thirsty pirates! Then set sail for distant lands! Explore the sea for exotic places with strange mechanical vessels and bizarre contraptions built to travel under the water. Many will join your enemy, claiming that you are pirates—that you should be stopped! But you know the truth. Follow your code to protect the weak and remain fearless as darkness falls over the sea. There will be no one else to stand against it.

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Available for PC and Mac through Steam!

Hunt for Treasure!

Hunt for Treasure!

Discover designs for exotic ships in far away places including clockwork ships and subs!

Hunt for Treasure!

Perfect Your Strategy!

Enlist a loyal crew to man your fleet and seasoned captains to lead them into battle!

Hunt for Treasure!

Defend the Weak!

Defend the inhabitants of the islands as their own governments turn a blind eye to the pirate infestation!

Hunt for Treasure!

Explore the Ocean!

Venture into the unknown and discover beautiful, strange locations, each with mysteries to unravel.

Hunt for Treasure!

Be Relentless!

Hunt notorious pirate captains and take back the gold and treasures that they've stolen!

Hunt for Treasure!

For Glory and Honor!

Your actions may label you as a pirate, but only you can stand against the darkness!


I downloaded and have been playing the game from the company's website. It's a fun game, and is complete and stable; it really should be greenlit.

Tiberius on Greenlight

It has the swashbuckling atmosphere down perfectly!

Nathan on indiegraph.org

Demo downloaded. Vote given.

Travis Hawks on Pixlbit.com

The gameplay looks fantastic and graphics too! -upvote

M.J. Stalin on Greenlight