About Circuit Hive

Who is Circuit Hive?

The short answer is: I am! Hi, I'm Peter Robinson the personality behind all you see here. Circuit Hive is the culmination of my childhood dream to make a game company. At different points in its life, Circuit Hive was a buzzing place of activity for artists and developers. At other points, it is just me. Someday I hope that Circuit Hive will be a small (or even large), well-respected game company. Until then, I hope you can enjoy all that I cook up here.

Meet the People Behind the Games

Peter Robinson

CEO, Programmer, Artist, Web Developer, Marketer, Hive Mind

Peter Robinson started playing games as a child and became intensely interested in programming as soon as he could get his hands on a computer. He's been building websites professionally since 2001. He is obsessed with making every last detail perfect.

When not writing about himself in third person, Peter passes his time with his wife, four daughters, and one son. Yes. His hands are full. He's also a Christian, a tea-drinker, a gamer, and a super hero.

Philip Robinson

Music Man (not to be confused with the Muffin Man)

Obsessed with game music is the best way to describe Philip Robinson. The younger brother of Peter, Philip grew up listening to video games as much as playing them. He graduated with a degree in music and often contributes to game websites by writing articles about music.

Philip spends his days with his wife and four children. He is clearly less cool than his older brother, but still somewhat cool.