About Circuit Hive

Who is Circuit Hive?

Circuit Hive was created by Peter Robinson who felt there was a lack of well-balanced, imaginative strategy games on the market. The answer was Circuit Hive, a small, Indie game company dedicated to the creation of all things strategy. The first game released under this banner was Pirate Code, a turn-based, strategy game where you, the player, get to lead pirate ships into battle. Circuit Hive is run by Peter and Candido who have dedicated their time to make these games a success.

What is the motive driving Circuit Hive?

Circuit Hive is driven by a love for strategy and imagination. The plan is to stay small and flexible so that new ideas can be explored. Small projects will regularly be released to our fans and the resulting feedback will drive future development. Ideas that see success will continue to be supported with new features while unsuccessful ideas will be allowed to collect dust. In this was we hope to have several games that are perpetually supported. We plan to continue to use to the open source Torque 2D game engine to develop for PC and Mac and eventually Android, iOS, and Linux. We also hope to support other open source projects like an open source game launcher and our own HTML5 game engine. All this has been carefully crafted with the goal of bringing the very best game ideas to life.

Meet the People Behind the Games

Peter Robinson

CEO, Programmer, Hive Mind

Peter Robinson started playing games as a child and became intensely interested in programming as soon as he could get his hands on a computer. He's been building websites professionally through Green Fire Software since 2001. He is obsessed with making every last detail perfect.

When not talking in the third person, Peter passes his time with his wife, four young daughters, and one son. Yes. His hands are full. He's also a Christian, a tea-drinker, a gamer, and a super hero.

Candido Montijo

Marketing and Public Relations

Candido is the Marketing Director for Circuit Hive. He spends his time thinking of ways to market the products of Circuit Hive through Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, and any new avenues that can spread the word about the Indie Games we support. He is always looking to network, communicate, and connect with other Indie Developers, Fans, or interested parties. He has a B.A. in Christian Ministry from Regent University and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

Candido loves MMORPGs and has played World of Warcraft, Star Wars of the Old Republic, DC Universe Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and currently Guild Wars 2, where he's the leader of a guild "Salt of the Earth" (Salt) in Fort Aspenwood. He also enjoys Xbox, some Steam games, and card games. He reads theology, Anime, and fantasy books and enjoys writing. Other interests include football, martial arts, archery, watching good TV shows, being a part of a church community, learning to cook, and seeing God through it all.

Eli Ramos

Lead 3D Artist

As a young lad, Eli could be found at a table with a pencil and paper drawing whatever was on his mind. Without a doubt, he had been blessed with a creative side. As he grew older, he discovered video games and fell in love with them as well. He decided to fuse the two passions and chose video game art as his career. He graduated from the University of Advancing Technology with a Bachelors of Arts degree.

These days Eli loves to spend time with his three great kids and amazing wife, mostly outdoors enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He also has a faith in Jesus Christ, enjoys running, is an avid bread eater and occasionally tickles the ivories.

Brian Everts

Designer, Art Director

As a game designer and art director, Brian fills the vital roll of developing a "feel" for our games. An expert in both 3D and 2D art, Brian has a Bachelors of Arts in Multimedia based around 3D design, texture arts, and animation knowledge.

Brian enjoys modern MMOs and RPGs but misses the old SNES RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Secret of Mana. Those were the days...

Philip Robinson

Music Man (not to be confused with the Muffin Man)

Obsessed with game music is the best way to describe Philip Robinson. The younger brother of Peter, Philip grew up listening to video games as much as playing them. He recently graduated with a degree in music from Bob Jones University and often contributes to game websites by writing articles about music.

Philip now spends his free-time taking care of his new baby with his wife. He listens to his music a little louder to stay awake.

Phil Neubauer

Character Artist

Having taken classes in game design and development, Phil Neubauer is a versatile developer who is skilled in most aspects of game development. In his official role, Phil draws character art. His work can be seen in the long anticipated Pirate Code.

Phil is married with two children which keeps him busy.

Jennifer Robinson


Jennifer oversees the critical administration for Circuit Hive. Often that means keeping track of various deadlines and ensuring our paperwork and taxes are done. These things might sound boring but you probably wouldn't be reading this without her efforts.

Consequently Jennifer's greatest kindness in life was agreeing to marry Peter Robinson. When not calmly guiding her five children, she plays games like Professor Layton. She's also a huge Doctor Who fan. But then again, who isn't?

Patrick Thomson

2D Artist

Patrick is an awesome contract artist who specializes in 2d environments, backgrounds, concept art, and in-game 2D assets. He's worked on many published games and can handle a range of styles and genres. He studied Illustration for 4 years at BYU and completed the Advanced Digital Painting course at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. He's won several awards and his mom thinks his artwork is awesome.

He spent three years in the Far East and can also speak Mandarin Chinese comfortably. He enjoys playing games, hiking, skating, surfing, playing fetch with his lab, and writing science-fantasy novels. You can learn more about Patrick on his site: pkillustration.com