About Circuit Hive

Who is Circuit Hive?

Circuit Hive is a small indie game company bent on world domination. We hope to release awesome games with imaginative stories and engaging mechanics. We aim to focus on strategy games and to that end our flagship game is the celebrated tactical, sea combat game known as Pirate Code. We hope to weave magnificent artwork, cutting-edge coding and a strong musical presence to create the next generation of strategy games. Indie game companies like Circuit Hive are the driving force behind new ideas and mechanics in the game industry and we intend to fill that role completely. Thanks for visiting!

Meet the People Behind the Games

Please note that we have a wider network of contributors playing a supporting role to this work. However, the bulk our effort is lead by the following:

Peter Robinson

CEO, Programmer, Artist, Web Developer, Marketer, Hive Mind

Peter Robinson is the founder of Circuit Hive. He is both the lead programmer and artist and oversees everything that Circuit Hive does. Most importantly, Peter is planning the future games that Circuit Hive will develop.

When not writing about himself in third person, Peter passes his time with his wife and six children. Yes. His hands are full. He's also a Christian, a tea-drinker, a gamer, and a super hero.

Philip Robinson

Writer and Sound Engineer

Philip has recently taken the awesome responsibility of story writing for Circuit Hive. He also composes the epic melodies that bring life to those stories. The younger brother of Peter, Philip grew up listening to video games as much as playing them. He graduated with a degree in music and often contributes to game websites by writing articles about music.

Philip spends his days with his wife and four children. He is clearly less cool than his older brother, but still somewhat cool.

Adam Acree


Adam is gradually absorbing the role of Lead Programmer from Peter. An expert coder with over a decade of experience, Adam has always wanted to work on games. He's been friends with Philip for even longer which has lead naturally to his assimilation into the hive.

Adam has a wife and two kids. He enjoys the outdoors and the first page in phone books - back when they existed.