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Pirate Code is on Steam! What’s Next?

May 7th, 2018

By Peter Robinson

Several years ago Pirate Code was approved by the powers that be on Steam’s Greenlight. When that happened I sat down and worked through all the ideas I had for Pirate Code and decided what needed to go into the Steam version. At some point in March of 2018 I actually finished all those features and on April 24th I released Pirate Code on Steam. Although Pirate Code wasn’t met with fanfare, I’m proud to say that I’ve made it and feedback is generally good. So now the big question is: what’s next?

More Pirate Code
I know it sounds a little strange, but there’s still more to do on Pirate Code – even after 10 years! They say art is never finished, only abandoned. In this case, I hope to support Pirate Code for a long time, but it really depends on feedback from users. So far I have received a steady stream of suggestions to help improve the game and most of them are great suggestions! I plan on putting many of them into Pirate Code, including a few of my own that I think will help the game as well. In fact, I’ve already released a patch to improve the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Hopefully there’ll be more to follow. However, this remains contingent on fans staying interested in Pirate Code. We shall see…

As the chair for the steering committee for Torque2D, it falls on me to make sure the engine keeps moving forward. Recently I’ve been lax in this responsibility, but now I hope to spend more time making Torque2D the envy of other game engines. Hopefully my work will pay off in the future somehow. If you don’t know, Torque3D and Torque2D are completely free game engines, originally built and sold by GarageGames, but now supported entirely by the community. You can find them both on GitHub. Feel free to drop by and help make them awesome! Pirate Code was built in Torque2D.

New Ideas
My third option to pursue is other game ideas. I have two game ideas that I’ve been holding on to for a very long time – really about five years – that I would like to prototype. If the prototypes are fun I might try putting one on kickstarter to see if other people think it’s also fun. I think I would only start another major project once I firmly have a community behind me on a game. I will not reveal the details of my two ideas here – not yet anyway – but at some point in the future I’m sure there will be a blog post here describing the next big game for Circuit Hive. Until then, give Pirate Code a spin!


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