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Gold and Bombs

October 28th, 2015

By Peter Robinson

In my last blog post I mentioned that Pirate Code is coming to Steam.  That was months ago.  Since then we’ve been hard at work moving Pirate Code to the latest technology.  To get ready for Steam we’re also making a number of important changes based on feedback that we’ve received since Pirate Code was originally launched in 2013.  But this month I need to backpedal and talk about the changes that went into our last release.


The Moored Mine

Perhaps the most exciting feature is a new ship action called the Moored Mine.  Since the original conception of Pirate Code we’ve wanted to put a mine in the game.  With the recent rewrite of the battle engine this is finally possible.  First off, so you don’t have to look it up, “moored” means tied down – in this case chained to the ocean floor.  The mine floats just below the waves and detonates when unsuspecting ships bump into them.  If the other team placed the mine, then you won’t be able to see the mine until you’re next to it.  Mines are placed by submerged Molo ships.  Want to make a bigger splash? Upgrading the action allows the mines to be placed farther away from the sub and makes the mines larger and more dangerous.  Mines can only be placed in deep water.

So if the enemy has a submerged sub that’s been moving back and forth in some deep water then you might not want to charge in for the kill.  There’s probably mines waiting for you.  You can teach a ship to place Moored Mines by putting Lord Siggsworth on a Molo sub.  Move with caution in deep waters!


Island Challenges

Island Challenges before this update had a critical flaw – you could fight them over and over for repeated bonus gold.  Now, as we mentioned in our last blog, gold is too plentiful in Pirate Code so nobody really took advantage of it, but that’s going to change.  Accordingly, we’ve fixed this leak.  Bonus gold is only awarded the first time you beat a challenge.  After that you actually get half the experience and gold that you would get for a normal battle.

The other big change is that we added Island Challenges to the file screen.  The file screen now tells you how you’re doing with each type of challenge.  Also the overall percent now reflects the challenges so completing the challenges will be necessary to reach that golden 100% completion!


Up Next

Now that we’re done reviewing the past, it’s time to look to the future! Pirate Code is coming to Steam in a big way with all kinds of exciting new features.  We’ll cover those next time!


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