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Pirate Code is on Steam! What’s Next?

Posted on May 7th, 2018 by Peter Robinson

Several years ago Pirate Code was approved by the powers that be on Steam’s Greenlight. When that happened I sat down and worked through all the ideas I had for Pirate Code and decided what needed to go into the Steam version. At some point in March of 2018 I actually finished all those features and on April 24th I released Pirate Code on Steam. Although Pirate Code wasn’t met with fanfare, I’m proud to say that I’ve made it and feedback is generally good. So now the big question is: what’s next?

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Pirate Swag!

Posted on March 12th, 2016 by Peter Robinson

To prepare for Steam, Pirate Code has been undergoing a wave of changes! At the heart of these changes is the inventory. When first released Pirate Code had no visible inventory. The game actually did keep track of the items that you collected during missions, but you couldn’t buy or sell items. More importantly, you couldn’t actually use any items. All that has changed in the last few months! Let’s take a look at the Pirate Code inventory system.

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The Threat of Reward

Posted on January 31st, 2015 by Peter Robinson

Last year I talked about what motivates people to play games. This month I hope to follow that up with what we’re all really looking for: a reward. At the end of the day we play games that reward us. Whether that comes in the form of a plot twist or a new weapon, rewards drive us to jump through hoops – even if it’s the same hoop, over and over.

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