Pirate Code

Tactical naval combat at its finest! Every battle is challenge in this tactical strategy game from Circuit Hive. Explore a rich ocean filled with danager as you search for the power you need to overcome your enemies. Enlist loyal crew and fearless captains to lead them. Do you have what it takes? Follow yer code!

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Rise of the Kraken

Rise of the Kraken is the first major expansion for Pirate Code! Now you can hatch your own kraken and train it to serve as a ship in your fleet! Teach the kraken a variety of powerful attacks including reaching out of the water and crushing enemy ships! Search the seas for other eggs to add even more to your fleet.

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Super Cell

Take command of a robotic cell in the body of the president! Stop an assassination by battling swarms of bacteria, hostile germs, and a dangerous virus. Upgrade your cell to lay bombs and slice enemies with powerful saws. And as if that wasn't enough, Super Cell is completely and utterly free to play!

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